Team Volunteers

Although as the manager you are responsible for overseeing team activities, you are NOT responsible for DOING everything. Please ensure parents are encouraged to help whenever or wherever possible. This will give them the opportunity to fulfill their volunteer obligations so they do not need to pay volunteer fees.


You should discuss plans for the team with the coaching staff to determine how you want to deal with volunteer positions. Then you can give clear instructions to the parents about volunteer expectations at the beginning of the season.


As manager you can decide how to solicit volunteers for your team. You may also choose to delegate some of the duties. Be sure to assign tasks that fit with the skills of each person.

The coaching staff are already committed to volunteering at practices and games (before, during and after) so avoid assigning additional duties to them or their families. You may also have LMLA Executive Members on your team. Be considerate of the volunteer hours they already contribute to the success of our association.


You will need to ensure that deadlines and responsibilities are on track. Please keep a record of who did or did not volunteer during the season with the Volunteer Records form.

Possible Volunteer Positions

  • Collects and holds onto deposit cheques ($100 jersey / $100 volunteer)
  • Prepares proposed budget
  • Open bank account – should have at least 2 signing authorities
  • Collects & deposits money
  • Issues cheques for team expenses (tournaments, clothing, equipment, etc.)
  • Keeps financial records – all team money collected and spent
    • Distribute to team mid-season and at end of season
  • Report to manager/coach any questions or concerns
  • Close account at end of season
Bench Official
Tourney Coord.


ʔi ​ʔə tə n̓ɑ ​tәmәx ​ʔә ​ƛ̓ ​šxʷq̓ic̓əyɑʔɬ ʔiʔ šxʷq̓ʷɑ:n̓ƛ̓ən̓ɑʔɬ, mәsteyәxʷ

We respectfully acknowledge that our operations are on the unceded traditional territory of the Katzie and Kwantlen people.