Game Sheets

RAMP GameSheets

Check with your commissioner to see how they want winning game sheets submitted.

How to complete BCLA:

Each game sheet must contain the following information:

  1. The date, location, type of game, game number, division and level of the teams involved
  2. The home and visiting association names… do not use team names (example: Vancouver, New West #1)
  3. Each team’s player roster should:
    • identify the Captain (C) and Assistant Captains (A) with the appropriate letter
    • identify the goaltender (G) with the appropriate letter
    • identify any suspended player(s) – scratch off game sheet roster and write in game notes
    • not include any player(s) missing at the start of the game
    • add any missing player(s) as soon as they arrive at the game
    • identify any player(s) called up in the Game Notes section – call-up sheets must be used
  4. Include all bench personnel in attendance: Total of 4 non-playing personnel only on bench
    • the name of the head and assistant coaches with their NCCP #
    • the name of the trainer
    • All personnel on bench must be written on game sheet
    • Head coach is responsible for all team personnel
  5. The coach or manager must sign the game sheet verifying their team information is correct
  6. The scorekeeper and timekeeper(s) must print their names on the game sheet
  7. The scorekeeper must enter the correct scoring information
    • review the BCLA Bench Officials Handbook
  8. The scorekeeper must enter the correct penalty information
    • review the BCLA Bench Officials Handbook
  9. The scorekeeper must enter the game summary information at the conclusion of the game
    • in the Novice to Midget divisions the scorekeeper must keep track of the number of saves each goaltender makes
  10. Game officials (referees) must print name prior to start of game and verify the game information then sign the game sheet after game ends

Officials get paid prior to game start.

The scorekeeper must distribute the copies of the game sheet to the appropriate team personnel.

Home Games

Supply game sheet with information detailed above.

Ensure visiting teams fills in their team information before providing game sheet to scorekeeper.

Away Games

Fill out game sheet provided by home team with team information prior to the start of the game.

Submitting Game Sheets

Winning team is responsible for sending a photo of the completed game sheet to the commissioner within 24 hours and mailing the original within 7 days.

In Mini Tyke, the home team is responsible for sending the game sheet in.

Managers must complete the Thunder Game Sheet Submission within 12 hours of the game. The link can also be found at the bottom of any page on the LMLA site.

Exhibition games

Contact your commissioner if you have scheduled an exhibition game as they may want to provide you with a game number.


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