Releasing Floor Time

Managers are responsible for identifying scheduling conflicts.

  • The Floor Allocator does not cross reference your tournament schedule, game schedule posted by the LMMLC, or your photo night schedule
  • Only exception is at the start of the season and when the post tiering schedule is posted

The Floor Allocator will review each teams schedule for TBR’s and provide the team manager with an alternative date.

Once the date is sent to the team, you are responsible for ensuring the LMMLC site is updated, commissioner and opponents are advised.

Email the Floor Allocator, providing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Team
  • Date, time and floor you are releasing
  • Reason for releasing the floor time

If you need to release time, the Floor Allocator requires 15 days’ notice.

  • If you cancel/release your floor time without the appropriate notice, your team may be invoiced for the empty floor time and the ref/official fees

You must release for any reason that you are not using the floor time.

  • Legitimate reasons to release floor time:
    • Away at a tournament, practice time conflict with an away game, at photo night
  • Reasons that won’t be accepted:
    • Not enough players scheduled to show up, head coach isn’t available, too much lacrosse