Box Lacrosse Equipment

Lacrosse specific gear is preferred and has its advantages, however, hockey gear can be used if necessary but has it’s limitations. Gloves specific to lacrosse are preferred over hockey gloves.

Early season practices will require stick, gloves, and helmet. Players will require all equipment by the first season game.

Lacrosse specific equipment can be expensive, but many parents have found good used lacrosse equipment on Craigslist or eBay.

There is also KidSport™ funding application for those who require financial assistance in order to play. More info.

  1. NOCSAE Lacrosse Helmet or Hockey Helmet with face guard CSA approved as a unit
  2. Mouthguard
  3. Lacrosse Stick
  4. Gloves
  5. Shoulder/Chest Pads
  6. Kidney Guard
  7. Elbow / Forearm Slash Guards
  8. Athletic Support & Cup (Jock or Jill)


Box Goalie Equipment

Goalie equipment is supplied to the player by Langley Minor Lacrosse Association with the exception of: helmets, gloves or mouth guards.