Box Lacrosse Equipment

Equipment supplied by Player:*

Mini-Tyke (Ages 5-6)

  • Helmet with face shield (both items CSA or NOCSAE approved)
  • Mouth guard
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Lacrosse gloves (hockey gloves are okay)
  • Athletic support (boys must wear a “Jock” with plastic cup and girls must wear a “Jill”)
  • Basketball-type court shoes (a pair reserved for indoor use only recommended)
  • Lacrosse stick; minimum of 34 inches in length

Tyke (Ages 7-8) (add to list above)

  • Back/kidney pads
  • Upper arm pads and slash guards (optional)

Novice & Peewee (Ages 9-12) (add to list above)

  • Upper arm pads and slash guards (mandatory)

Bantam & 16U (Ages 13-16) (modify from list above)

  • Lacrosse stick; minimum of 40 inches in length.

*Changes to equipment rules happen. Always check with your coach to make sure you're properly equipped to play.

Equipment supplied by the Association:

All Divisions

  • Game jersey (loaned to players)
  • Game shorts (yours to keep)
  • Goalie equipment, including stick, with the exception of: helmet, gloves or mouth guard.

Financial assistance

There is also KidSport™ funding application for those who require financial assistance in order to play. More info.


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