4 Week Advantage with Coach Neumann

In response to COVID shutdown of organized lacrosse Josh Neumann put together this program to help athletes train at home with updates and how-to videos being posted to Instagram.

Message from Coach Neumann:  Program PDF has step by step instructions for building a program that fits your individual needs. All training sessions require no equipment and are organized in order to adhere to social and physical distancing protocols that are in place right now. Reminder this is a 4 week program, not a one and done workout.  Follow the program for 4 weeks and you will make tremendous progress in your athleticism. This will give you an advantage on your competition when you are able to return to playing all while helping to minimize the risk of injuries.

I'd love to see and hear your progress please feel free to tag me @coachneumann on instagram and use the #4weekadvantage (and also #langleythunder) so others that receive this program can follow along

Click on the link below to review Coach Neumann's program.

The 4-Week Advantage (with Coach Neumann)