2021 Box Lacrosse Registration

We are happy to announce that Online Registration for the 2021 Box Lacrosse season is now open!

Langley Minor Lacrosse association is accepting registration online for playing divisions Mini Tyke to Midget, youth and female.

Late Fees are in effect as of February 10, 2021 at 11:59pm.

2021 Box Lacrosse Fee Schedule

Birth YearDivisionAge in 2021RegularLate
2013-2016U8 - Female5-8$110$140
2009-2012U12 - Female9-12$260$295
2006-2008U15 - Female13-15$280$315
2002-2005U19 - Female16-19$280$315

General Information

Langley Minor Lacrosse 2021 Box registration fees ensure your player can participate and sign up for any development or regular season play. This fee is only to register with the association and is non-refundable. There are separate fees to participate in the regular box season. Your player must be registered to participate in any LMLA activities.

Due to Covid-19, the format and cost for the box season are unknown. The season time frame, format and fees are dependent on the return to play policies within our jurisdiction and the BCLA guidelines. A separate email with this information will be released once confirmed.


  • Print your payment receipt at the end of the process and keep it in a safe place as this is your official receipt for Tax Purposes. The Registrar does not have access to that in order to re-print it at a later date when you remember that you need it.


  • Your child will not be considered registered until ALL required paperwork is provided. This applies to both RETURNING and NEW players. It is your responsibility to forward TWO Proof of Residency documents to our Registrar either by scanning (or taking a clear photo) and emailing them to registrar@langleythunder.ca or by mailing copies of them to LMLA – Attn: Registrar, PO Box 31112 RPO Thunderbird, Langley, BC V1M 0A9.


  • Please note that Proof of Residency documents are required for 3 consecutive box lacrosse seasons. Field lacrosse seasons do not count.


  • TWO of the following ACCEPTED DOCUMENTS: (The documents must show your Township of Langley, Aldergrove, or City of Langley Residency & the name of the account holder. You can black out the actual account number if you wish):
    • Hydro bill showing the address the player's residential address
    • Terasen/Fortis BC bill showing the address the player's residential address
    • Property Tax Assessment for the residence that the player resides at
    • Land Line telephone bill (not cellular phone bill) showing the address the player resides at
    • If you currently rent and do not pay utilities, you must submit your signed rental agreement and one piece of Government issued ID showing your Langley address (ie. BC Driver’s License, BC ID Card, BC Services Card, with Registrar approval House Insurance and Car insurance may also be accepted as a 2nd document).


  • Our Club Registrar reserves the right to request additional Proof of Residency Documents; the player will not be allowed to participate until the requested documents are received.


  • If you have any questions regarding the documents that are required, please email the Club Registrar.

Jersery & Vounteer Deposit Cheques Required

Each player is required to provide 2 post-dated cheques; one for jersey deposit and one for volunteer fees. These will be collected by the Team Manager for each player (not family) once teams are formed, they will only be cashed if jerseys are not returned or are returned damaged or if volunteer duties are not done.

Payment Options

  • E-Transfer Payment Option - This year we can now accept e-transfer payments. If you want to transfer your funds from your bank account, rather than use a credit card, please select E-Transfer at the check out. Instructions will then be sent to you in the email confirmation on how to conclude the payment.
  • PayPal Option - allows you to pay by credit card or to make a PayPal accounts and transfer money form your bank account into it and then pay using that account.  (Similar to e-transfer).  This will be the only method accepted without prior approval from the registrar.  Payment by Cheque or Cash is not accepted.
  • Sponsorship Option - Please email our Registrar PRIOR to choosing this option for prior approval.  This payment method can ONLY be used for KidSport and Jumpstart type funding or by direction by our Registrar).  Proof of application for the funding is required along with 2 cheques; one for the full amount of registration which will be cashed if the funding is not approved and another one is to cover any costs above the maximum amount (this amount can be paid in cash as well). This process will be explained once approved by our Registrar. You can apply for KidSport™ funding for those who require financial assistance in order to play. More information on the KidSport Website. If you are applying through KidSport for funding, please email the Registrar prior to registration.

Residency Information, Females from Other Associations and Releases

A player must live and reside in Langley or Aldergrove to register with Langley Minor Lacrosse (specific proof is required – see above for accepted documents). There is no exception to this rule unless the player is grandfathered to play with us or has registered with their home association and has been placed within our association by the League’s Head Commissioner.

Players must reside in Langley or Aldergrove to play for LMLA, unless previously grandfathered. Additional proof of residency may be requested and must be received by our Registrar prior to any player being registered to play.  Residency rules are set by the BC Lacrosse Association and must be followed by all minor associations, therefore any player not a permanent resident of Langley or Aldergrove can only play for LMLA with the Commissioner’s approval. Player’s must first register with their home association regardless of whether or not that association has the division & caliber desired by the player. If there is no team in your home association (i.e. all female teams) a player may complete a release form and request to play in another association however the decision as to where you play is made by the Commissioner.

If you need clarification of residency, please contact our Registrar.

FEMALES FROM OTHER ASSOCIATIONS wishing to play in Langley because their home association does not have ‘all female’ teams must first register with their home association and complete a request for release form. Their home association president will then take those forms to the next Commissioners meeting for the player to be placed with an Association; they will consider location, your preference and the needs of each Association. Langley Minor Lacrosse does not promise placement with in our Association, this is solely based on the Lower Mainland Lacrosse Head Commissioner’s decision. Once a placement decision is made, they will be contacted by email and advised to register with us. If you have questions regarding Female only teams, please email our Female Coordinator.

This only applies when a player was released to play for another association for two consecutive years when their home association also had a team for that player to play on. ie. GIRLS who played in Langley last year because their home association does not have all female teams DOES NOT COUNT as a year towards GRANDFATHERING. Girls residing outside LMLA’s catchment area must register with their home association and request a release (every year). LMLA can not register a player living outside of Langley/Aldergrove without a completed release form signed by the player’s home association President AND without prior permission from the Commissioner.

Langley does not release players as a general rule unless we do not have a team in that player’s age group. The placement of ALL released players falls in the Commissioners hands, not the Minor Associations. This applies to players requesting to play in Langley as well. There is no promise that a released player will be placed in the Association of their choice, the Commissioner will place these players where they are needed and in Associations that require players.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be issued for this initial registration.

Regular Registration closes January 31st. Late fees will apply to all registrations after that date. Please note that there may not be room for all players initially registered here and waiting list may apply depending on numbers per divisions.

If Registering by e transfer, payment MUST be received prior to the player starting evaluations and or practices/games. Please contact the registrar if a payment plan is required.

For any other information please contact our Registrar by email.