Women’s Field Lacrosse is a quick, free-flowing game which is easy to understand and watch. The game is played on a 100m x 55m field with 12 players aside on the field. The full roster of a Women’s Field team is 16-20 players.

The origin of women’s lacrosse can be traced back to the Indians of North America, who played a form of the men’s game in their preparation for battle. However, it was not until the mid-19th century that the English first played a unique style of a stick and ball game solely for women. Competing girls’ schools began playing this modern game in the 1860’s. Many of the general rules of play in those first games resemble those used today.

Women’s Field Lacrosse is a non-contact sport that stays closest to the traditional game and is played with no equipment other than a stick, goggles and a mouth guard.

Women’s Field Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing collegiate sports in the US, with many scholarship opportunities available for skilled female atheletes.

US Lacrosse Guide to Scholarships: Click Here

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Gerald Wartak
Director, Female Program