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Association Fundraisers

Our association may hold various fundraising events to help with the purchase of jerseys, equipment, floor time, referees, etc. You will be provided with the expectations of your team involvement. It is asked that a team does not do the same fundraiser as the association (example: pub night, raffle, socks, Thunder wear, hanging baskets, etc.).

Team Fundraising

Once your team has compiled and approved a budget for the you will need to decide how to pay for everything. One option is to fund raise.

Fundraising Ideas

  • 50/50 sales at home games*
  • Raffle tickets*
  • Pub nights
  • Casino/poker night
  • On-line auctions*
  • Silent auction draws
  • Car wash
  • Bottle drive
  • Hot dog sales
  • Services (yard work, etc.)
  • Food Sales (meat, cookie dough, chocolates, coffee)

*Note: make sure to have appropriate licenses

Expenses/True Profit

Analyze each fundraiser to determine if there is a reasonable profit value. Your time is also worth money so consider the time commitment of each fundraiser vs. the money it raises. Be careful of fundraising that just recycles your own money.

Sample: If you made $180 per player after hosting a pub night but each family spent $60 on tickets, $50 on a raffle prize donation, $30 on raffle tickets, $30 on a babysitter, the total expenses would be $170 and your profit would only be $10 (not including your time).

Sources of Revenue

It is always better to get other people’s money. Events like car washes, bottle drives, hot dog sales, or chocolate sales in front of a store generate funds from people outside of your family and the lacrosse association.

Team Commitment

When considering fundraisers, a manager needs to be aware of the ability families have to participate and what is fair for the team. A person’s volunteer time may be considered as valuable as someone’s prize donation. You will have to find an overall balance and make sure that everyone is contributing to the best of their ability. Confirm with your team that you have a commitment from each family and be clear on the expectations of everyone.

Profit credit per family

Before fundraising, you should determine how you are going to credit each family based on their participation in your scheduled events.

Option 1: Each family is credited with their own profits based on individual sales. This works well for raffle tickets and food sales.

Option 2: Each family receives an equal share of the profits from the fundraisers that they participate in. This works well for car washes, bottle drives, hot dog sales, etc.

Option 3: A combination of the above

Option 4: Each family receives an equal share of profits regardless of their portion raised.

Not all families have the same opportunity to solicit funds from their family, friends or co-workers. Some families have access to valuable donations (raffle prizes, silent auction items) while others do not. In addition, some families are able to volunteer the time needed to organize and run a fundraiser while others are not.

Money Payment vs. Fundraising

Parents may choose to pay instead of fundraising. Be sure that all families are able to make this commitment. You may need to organize a team fundraiser to assist some families.


You can assign one person to be in charge of coordinating fundraising or assemble a committee of 2-3 parents. These parents can divide duties amongst the team based on the number/type of fundraisers you choose to have.


Most gaming (50/50, raffle events, etc.) in BC requires a license. The license must be applied for in advance of the event. Individual sport teams are eligible for a Class D Gaming License only. Check that your event is permitted under the license and follow the rules, guidelines and procedures related to your event. Note: Class D gaming events cannot be held in areas licensed to serve or sell alcohol.

On your application license you must clearly identify your team. You are not allowed to use the Langley Minor Lacrosse Association name or reference number. Your team should be identified as follows:

Langley Thunder       Lacrosse     Bantam       A1          2019
  Association Name                  Sport             Division          Level              Year

Contact Information

Insurance for Events

Ensure you have all valid insurance/licenses before beginning any fundraising! Investigate all paperwork that you may need to conduct a team fundraiser.


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