Provincial Championships

All levels (A, B, C or Tier 1,2) in U13, U15, U17 and Female divisions have the opportunity to declare for Provincial Participation.

BCLA Minor Box Lacrosse Provincial Championships – information & dates

BCLA Minor Field Lacrosse Provincial Championships - information & dates

Play downs

Play down format to determine the qualifying Provincial teams will be decided once a Commissioner has confirmed the number of teams declaring. The play down format may differ with each division/level.


Each team wishing to participate in Provincial Championships will be required to fill out and submit a Declaration Form and Team Verification Form. The fee is $150 per team, paid for by the association.

LMLA will cover the declaration fee of each team and submit their completed declaration form on their behalf BUT they MUST have their completed forms to the Secretary by NO LATER THAN May 27, 2020, so they can be delivered to BCLA by the deadline.

If a team decides NOT to declare for Provincials, there must be written proof that the whole team was part of the decision. Managers must send an email out to the team asking all families to vote if they want to participate or not. A copy of this email must be forwarded to the Secretary along with the decision.


Our Association can be fined $1000 - $3000 for a team that withdraws after declaration or play downs. Any team who withdraws will have to pay the fine themselves – it will NOT be covered by the association.


Be sure that you have a commitment from your team before you declare. Confirm early in the season so you can arrange for call ups if necessary.

More Information

Read the “2022 Minor Provincial Championship Directive” for more information about the Provincial format and important information about player eligibility, call-ups and other rules.


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