Facility Time


When you contact the Facility Allocator, please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Team
  • Date, time and facility you are requesting/releasing, communicating about
  • Game # and opponent if emailing about a game

The facility allocator does not give out their phone number as written communication is preferred.

All emails are reviewed immediately but it may take up to 24 hours to receive a response. If you need an answer in a shorter time frame, please indicate that in your email.

Facility Allocation Schedule

The schedule is available online on a Google spreadsheet. The Facility Allocator will provide you access.

  • Coaches are NOT provided access

This is a very fluid schedule, it can change hourly

  • Changes will not be made to your schedule without communication to you of the change
  • It is a very rare instance that the facility allocator would need to change your schedule without your involvement

This is different than the LMMLC or PCFLL schedules.

  • They are not linked and LMLA and LMMLC/PCFLL do not cross reference schedules

Games take priority over practices and teams who go to Provincials will have game time priority over non provincial team game times

  • On occasion we may have to reschedule game or practice time slots for teams who are not in the Provincials to allow teams who are in the Provincials to meet their game requirements

We generally schedule the younger kids in earlier time slots and older kids in the later time slots.


ʔi ​ʔə tə n̓ɑ ​tәmәx ​ʔә ​ƛ̓ ​šxʷq̓ic̓əyɑʔɬ ʔiʔ šxʷq̓ʷɑ:n̓ƛ̓ən̓ɑʔɬ, mәsteyәxʷ

We respectfully acknowledge that our operations are on the unceded traditional territory of the Katzie and Kwantlen people.