SFU Strength & Conditioning Summer Sessions

Posted by Adam Palmblad on Dec 16 2016 at 03:47PM PST in Field 2016

See the below from SFU Strength & Conditioning:


SFU Strength & Conditioning is pleased to invite you to our annual summer camp.  SFU Strength & Conditioning is the answer for team or individual athletes 11 to 18 years of age who want to get stronger, faster and more powerful.  Using a combination of Olympic weightlifting, strength training, speed training and plyometrics, our programs are ideal for young athletes looking to improve their athletic performance.

In addition to learning how to execute proper weightlifting and running technique, and explosive movements, our summer camp discusses many topics including: biomechanics, functional anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and sports psychology.  While other camps may “train” their athletes, we place emphasis on “educating” our athletes, making them self-sufficient, and teaching them skills to take into their own training and competitions.

We offer 2 camps for athletes 11 to 18 years of age:

Junior Strength & Conditioning – Training to Train (Ages 11-14)
This camp introduces strength training principles and activities to athletes who are ready to enter a structured training program. Athletes will be instructed on basic speed, power, agility, strength, and endurance exercises, with a strong emphasis on developing optimal posture, dynamic range of motion, sound running technique, and efficient overall movement mechanics.

Senior Strength & Conditioning – Training to Compete (Ages 15-18)
These camps are directed at young athletes looking to achieve the next level of performance. Under the supervision of SFU varsity strength & conditioning staff, athletes will train for speed, power, agility, strength and endurance that will reflect the right type of conditioning for their sport. Through various techniques, which include Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, flexibility development and sprinting mechanics, our speed-strength program builds a strong foundation for athletes in all sports.

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