Condolences to the Simonsen Family

Posted by Adam Palmblad on Dec 16 2016 at 03:47PM PST in Field 2016

It’s with a heavy heart today that I  send out on behalf of The Langley Minor Lacrosse Association our deep‎est condolences to the Simonsen Family (Tanya, Tyler and Heather).

Langley’s lacrosse family are all collectively grieving  today with the loss of Tanya Simonsen’s oldest son Mike Watson. Mike was involved in a pickup truck accident on Monday May 20 and succumbed to his injuries early this morning.

Tanya, Tyler and Heather we are truly sorry for your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with your family in this most difficult time.

There are times in life when words fail to describe ones emotion and spirit. This is one of those times. We wish all of you peace and are here for you in whatever you may need.


Brock Rose
Langley Minor Lacrosse Association


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